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Passe Montagne Passe Montagne

Passe Montagne, magasins de montagne à Lausanne, Genève et Monthey (Suisse). Vente, location et services techniques de matériel de montagne. Notre équipe de passionnés de montagne met son expérience et ses compétences à votre service.


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Movement History Created in 1999, the brand has been marketed in (...)

Movement History Created in 1999, the brand has been marketed in (...)

Movement History
Created in 1999, the brand has been marketed in 2002, after 3 years of research and development. It was adopted very quickly in the marketplace and it now offers, a complete range of skis that respond to all the skiing disciplines of the skier of today.

Our mission
Our mission is clear. The aim of Movement skis is to create very high quality products customers that are extraordinary skiers as well as demanding athletes. Everything has been made with this customer in mind. This difficult and technical work has been done by skiers for skiers. As you will see when discovering our new catalogue, our obsession and commitment to the R & D of our products has been total. This same commitment and obsession determined the choices of the materials and for the application of our proprietary new technologies. We will never hesitate to offer the best of the best for our friends.

We have new categories of skis this year. We have a new line dedicated to women-freeskiers, we have a complete line with 4 programs that match perfectly all the sectors of the freeskiing movement. Lastly, the new and revolutionary Core Line MVMT, totally freestyle oriented.

It’s time now for you to dive into this new world, discover what Movement Skis is all about. Equipped with these marvelous sliding engines, you will, without a doubt, be amazed at what you can do and what you can ski. Most of all, we want to share our passion and our love for mountains, and we really want to give you the best tools to be the best Rider. RIDE THE POWER…

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